Ares L1A1 SLR

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Manufacturer: Ares

FPS: 330-360 FPS

Construction: Steel upper receiver

Gearbox: Metal with full metal tooth set and steel gears

Accessories supplied: 120 round magazine and cleaning/un-jamming rod


The L1A1 also known as the British SLR is a rifle that entered service for the British common wealth in 1954 and was used up until 1998 in some units before being replaced by the L85A1, it has seen service with: the British armed forces, Australian, Canadian, Indian, Jamaican, Malaysian, New Zealand, Rhodesian and South African armed forces in some of the most famous theatres of war including the Falklands, Northern Ireland and the Suez crisis.

This airsoft replica from ares is a impressive testimony to the rifle with the expected build quality they produce, with a full metal gear box containing a full metal tooth set and steel gears. A impressive addition to any armoury for the airsofter or enthusiast.