Classic Army M249 Light Machine Gun

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Manufacturer: Classic Army

FPS: 330-340 FPS

Construction: Metal receiver 

Gearbox: Metal with full metal tooth set and steel gears

Accessories supplied: 300 round high cap magazine, 2500 electric winding box magazine and cleaning/unjamming rod

The M249 also know as the SAW squad automatic weapon, is an american take on the Belgium "minime" support weapon and a serious piece of kit.

This airsoft replica has a 2500 round drum mag powered by AA batteries that winds as you shoot for impressive suppressive fire, a strip down capability for easy maintenance and a impressive fire rate when used with a 9.5v battery. Out the box it has a impressive range and site friendly fps. it also allows the use of regular stanag magazines from a m4/m16/hk416 aeg should you wish to go for the low cap look.