CSI S.T.A.R. XR-5 (black)

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CSI -. XR-5, is a 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun, based on a highly futuristic design. Unlike anything else on the Airsoft market at the moment, CSI have decided to go boldly where no Airsofter has gone before and released the XR-5 Battle Rifle; a fictional and all polymer AEG. With its injection moulded polymer receiver and stock, this AEG is incredibly lightweight, but also durable enough to survive a day on the skirmish field. The clean straight lines and recessed cuts result in a design which looks like it belongs in not-too-distant future. Ergonomically the XR-5 isnt too far removed from the AR-15 and M4, with an adjustable sliding stock, and the AR-15 style fire selector andpistol grip. Internally the XR-5 isnt too far from the M4 either, featuring a standard Ver.2 gearbox. The integrated upper 20mm RIS rail provides users with a stable mounting point for optics, while the side and lower rails allow the installation of tactical accessories like lights, lasers and launchers to complete the Sci-Fi look and enhance the practicality of the XR-5. In a world of AR-15s, AKs and G36s all based on designs from the mid-20th century, perhaps its time to move on to the 22nd Century? Whether youve got a flare for Sci-Fi, need a prop for a costume or simply want to stand out on the skirmish field, the S.T.A.R XR-5 is an excellent and undeniably unique piece of kit.


  • M4 Style Controls
  • Sci-Fi High Tech Design
  • Ver.2 Compatible Gearbox