Madbull 3 in 1 Ultimate Hop unit with LED

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Ultimate 3-in-1 Hop Up Chamber Unit with Tracer LED Module for M4 / M16 Series MADBULL

Madbull describe these as the ‘’Ultimate hop chamber’’ and in my opinion they are correct. The hop chamber includes an o-ring seal which reduces pressure loss where it connects with the gear box and a rotary control which I have found to be more stable (less likely to move by its self) than the more normal M4 types. For CQB, Urban or night use the tracer module is quite incredible. Being contained within the gun an external tracer unit is not required, keeping the gun short and externally unchanged. For woodland/daytime outdoor use I would suggest the tracer module is not required, however I have found that when the hop unit is used in conjunction with a Madbull 6.03mm inner barrel both range and accuracy is greatly improved. Alternatively consider adding the Hop unit with tracer module and Madbull 6.03mm inner barrel for what could be the ultimate all round airsoft skirmish rifle.

Assembly & fitting required.