Prometheus Piston Head

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Laylax (Prometheus) - POM Piston Head NEO (Version 2, 3, 6 & 7) For All Standard AEG Series

"Aims to improve the operating and fuel efficiency and compression during the air-tight-supply and exhaust efficiency of at the time of supply and exhaust Furthermore, durability is also appeared in a new form, which was about 2.6 times UP. The material is rich in anti-fatigue, anti-wear friction characteristics, uses the POM materials carefully selected with a good self-lubricating performance. In addition, to eliminate the twist at the time of spring compression, thrust bearings to maximize the performance can be expected further improvement of durability and UP to the load-bearing is about 2.8 times. The item that best match from a low rate until the spring high cycle spring."

Will Fit - All Standard AEG Series Gearbox's