WE Desert Warrior 4.3

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WE - Desert Warrior 4.3 Gas Airsoft Pistol - Tan is a hard kicking Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm Airsoft Gun, painted in an attrative desert camoflage design. The Slide and Frame of the Pistol are constructed from Alloy, with Polymer Grip Plates. The pistol features a 20mm Lower Rail, allowing you to attach a multitude of lasers, torches and other accessories to increase your tactical effectiveness. The weapon also has multiple safety features, such as a Beavertail safety to stop you firing the weapon when not gripping the pistol correctly, as well as a hammer safety to stop the hammer from releasing whilst in holsters or bags. The weapon comes with a Silver Outer Barrel, which is threadded so you can attach silencers and suppressors using an adaptor. This pistol is great for those who have Desert Kit or Loadouts, or those who want a pistol with great reliability and a heavy Blowback Action.

  • Gas Blowback
  • Single Stack
  • 20mm Rail