WE F226 Blow Back Pistol

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The WE P226 is a double action gas blowback pistol which strips like the real thing and has a full functional de cocking lever.  The grip is very ergonomic and features 'Seal Team Six' markings. Pistol has white dot front and rear sights for quick target aquisition and there is a rail underneath for accessories.  Lanyard mounting point on bottom of the grip.  TM parts compatible.

Great sound and impressive recoil, this full scale replica is ideal as a secondary and also for training use.  Spare magazines also available. 

System - Green gas

Hop up – adjustable

Build Material – full metal/textured grips

Magazine Capacity – 25+1 rounds

Length – 196mm

Weight – 1100grams

Muzzle velocity – approx 280FPS with 0.2BB