Xcortech NP1000X Tracer Unit

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NUPROL - NP1000X Tracer Unit, is a 14mm CCW compatible tracer unit that will illuminate your BBs as they leave the barrel, making it much easier to identify hits, teammate locations, run infection themed skirmishes and generally lighting up the dark with bioluminescence. The 14mm CCW thread guarantees that it will fit most Airsoft weapons except Amoebas and some other models which have a non-standard clockwise thread. If you're unsure, feel free to get in touch with us and we can help you determine the thread of your weapon. This tracer unit takes 4 x AAA batteries, sold separately, and is activated by pushing the firm on/off toggle switch located on the inside of the tracer. This will ensure that any time a BB is detected entering the unit, two bright UV LEDs flash to charge the flourescent material in the tracer BBs and your shot will leave an easily visible red or green streak - depending on tracer ammunition purchased. This tracer can confidently illuminate up to 35 rounds per second, so it will work consistently with high speed Airsoft weapons.Please note that Tracer BBs are required for this unit to operate and it will not work with standard BBs. 

  • 2 x UV LEDs
  • 35RPS Consistency
  • 14mm CCW Thread